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Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI),member of the International Dance Council CID UNESCO, France and American Dance Therapy Association, USA

CMTAI is an independent, non-governmental organization that brings together practitioners,  trainees, beneficiaries and supporters of creative movement therapy (CMT) across India and the  globe for the well-being of society.

Movement therapy is a discipline which uses the body’s natural movements to achieve a balance between emotional, cognitive, social and physical facets in individuals. Eventually, participants evolve a strong, personal movement language to enhance their holistic growth leading to healthier functioning.

Creative movement is a joyful way  to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination, enhance problem solving skills and promote creativity. Creative movement uses body actions to communicate an image, communicate an idea or communicate a feeling.

CMTAI’s Annual International Conference is a platform for knowledge-sharing, practice, networking and promoting the interests, education, research and benefits of Creative Movement Therapy (CMT). CMTAI’s 1st Annual International Conference, the first ever conference on CMT in India, was highly regarded and well-received, with the coming together of more than 80 therapists, teachers, students and others on November 8-9, 2014 at Zorba the Buddha, New Delhi.

Vision and Mission

The theme was “Exploring Creative Movement Therapy” which included two days of jam-packed sessions during which participants had the opportunity to experience the wide-ranging work and benefits of CMT. 

Experienced facilitators from across India and around the world conducted experiential and theoretical workshops on varied applications of CMT to provide participants with enhanced tools that can be utilized in their personal and professional lives.


CMTAI’s 2nd 

Annual International Conference will be held on Nov 28th and 29th,Ecumenical Christian Centre,Bangalore. Google Maps


The theme for this year's annual International Conference is: 'Movement therapy – Towards Expression & Transformation' 17 Facilitators with global experience will conduct theoretical/experiential sessions on varied themes to provide you with therapeutic tools that you can apply in your personal & professional lives.


For Whom?

Business Heads, Teachers, Students, Consultants, Trainers, Coaches,Homemakers, Special educators, Social Workers, HR Professionals,Expressive arts therapists, Psychotherapists, Yoga Specialists, Artists, Healers and




Stress Management 
Body Awareness 
Self Discovery 
Group Cooperation 
Listening Skills  
Understanding Others 
Self Expression  
Life-Long Healthy Habits
Boost your self-esteem and Self Image


  Session Details 

2 days - Parallel Sessions

‘Ethical Practice in Body-Based Therapies’ - Maitri Gopalakrishna, Drama Therapist & Counselling Psychologist, Bangalore 


‘Resilience Building & Trauma: Dance Movement Therapy for Refugees & Asylum Seekers’ -  Katia Verreault, Dance movement therapist & Founder, A Moving world Foundation, Netherlands / Nepal.


‘Authentic Movement Practice in Dance Therapy’ - Brinda Jacob-Janvrin, Movement therapist, Choreographer, Counsellor & Artistic director, SMART, Bangalore


Dance Movement Therapy in Psycho-Social Rehabilitation’ - Sohini Chakraborty, Movement therapist, Founder-director, Sanved, Kolkata


Research Methodology in Movement Therapy’ - Anubha Harlalka, Psychologist, Arts-based movement therapist & Founder-Director, Artsphere, Pune


Movement as Medium to Connect to the Unconscious’ - Rashi Bijlani, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Founder-Director Asha Hai, (RDMP, CDMP) UK / Delhi 


Erotic Transference in Dance Movement Psychotherapy’ – Preetha Ramasubramanian, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Founder, Kinesthetics, UK / Chennai 


Can We Speak About Trauma Through Movement?’ - Anshuma Kshetrapal, Drama & Movement Therapist, UK / Delhi


Spontaneity! A Key Ingredient in Therapeutic Movement Processes’ - Devika Mehta & Tarana Khatri, Dance/Movement Psychotherapists (RDMPs/ADMPs) & Co-Founders of ‘Synchrony’, UK / Mumbai & Chennai 


Theatre for Holistic Development: Children with Special Needs’ - Ambika Kameshwar, Theatre & movement therapist, Director, Rasa, Chennai


The Feldenkrais Method’ - Michel Cassanovas, Choreographer, Teacher & Feldenkrais practitioner, France/India.


Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP) interlinks with Movement therapy’ - Tripura Kashyap, Movement Therapist, Co-founder & Director, CMTAI and Ashok Subramanian, NLP Trainer, Shinota, Bangalore


Real self - Ideal self: Bridging the Gap’ - Nishtha Agarwal, Movement Therapist, Co-founder & Director, CMTAI and Avantika Malhautra, Expressive Arts Therapist, CMTAI & Founder, Soul Canvas, Delhi


Gender Sensitivity through Therapeutic Movement’ - Reetu Jain, Movement Therapist, Co-founder, CMTAI, Delhi/USA and Manju Varma, Movement Therapist, Co-founder & Director, CMTAI, Delhi.


Embodiment in Drama Therapy’- Evan Hastings, Drama Therapist & Counselling Psychologist, USA / Bangalore


Dance for Better Aging - Alida Esmail, Research Coordinator and Contemporary Dancer. Founding board member of the Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada (DMTAC) 


Chacian-style dance/ movement therapy in psychiatric facilities: Rakhi R Shingala, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) & Dance movement therapist, Chicago, USA


 Healing processes of  Creative expression & Therapeutic Change : Ritushree, Dance & Expressive Arts therapist (R-DMT), Psychologist and a Developmental therapist, Delhi


   Session: Laban Movement Analysis & Notation :

   Tanvi Bajaj, Laban Movement Analyst & Bartenieff Fundamentals    Practitioner USA/India.


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